Metallurgical Microscopes

System Microscope BX61
System Microscope
The BX61 is advanced upright metallurgical microscope model equipped with diversity motorized modules including automatic focus and a motorized illumination and nosepiece. The operations can be fully software-controlled through PC or other devices.
System Microscope BX51
System Microscope
The BX51 is the standard upright metallurgical microscope model that provides reflected and transmitted light illumination. The model accepts the reflected light brightfield/darkfield illuminator BX-RLA2 or the universal illuminator, BX-URA2, which includes fluorescence capability.
System Microscope BX51M
System Microscope
The BX51M is the standard upright metallurgical microscope model that provides reflected light illumination only with 100W integrated transformer.
Near-Infrared System Microscope BX51-IR
Near-Infrared System Microscope
Based on the BX51 microscope frame, it is possible to conduct near infrared light observations of semiconductor interiors and the back surface of a chip package as well as CSP bump inspections.
System Microscope with ESD Capability BX41M-LED
System Microscope with ESD Capability
The BX41M-LED with built-in bright and super long-life LED illumination has ESD capability to protect the device from electrostatic discharge ESD performance: surface resistance of 10 8 ohm or less, discharge time of 0.2 sec or less*. High contrast images are easily seen.
System Industrial Microscope BXFM-S
System Industrial Microscope
Modular microscope system. The BXFM-S unit incorporates a compact reflected light brightfield illuminator with a depth of only 290mm from the optical axes to the rear of the lamp housing. The BXFM unit accommodates the reflected light brightfield/darkfield and fluorescence illuminators. Fiber illumination, with the option of external control, can be used.