Image Analysis Software

Image Analysis Software
OLYMPUS Stream is an advanced micro-imaging software that allows you to seamlessly acquire, process, and measure images, to create valuable data and reports. The software can easily be customized and provides sophisticated results with simple flexible operation.
Function / Type Start Basic Essential Motion
Camera and microscope control o o o o
Field of view measurement o o o o
Advanced measurement N/A N/A o o
Movie N/A o o o
Reporting N/A o o o
MyFunctions (NEW) N/A o o o
Instant EFI (NEW) N/A OP o o
Manual MIA (NEW) N/A OP o o
Time Lapse N/A N/A o o
Phase Analysis (NEW) N/A N/A o o
Image arithmetic N/A N/A o o
Automated EFI,MIA and Z-Stack acquisition N/A N/A N/A o
Database N/A N/A N/A o
o: Available,  N/A: Not available, OP: Option

Material Solution for Stream Essentials and Motion

Stream has the following specialized solutions for metallography and material science:

  • Layer Thickness Measurement
  • Cast Iron Analysis
  • Grain Size Intercept 
  • Grain Size Planimetric 
  • Non Metallic Inclusion Rating in Steel
  • Chart Comparison

Other Optional Software

  • Particle Detection for Stream Essential and Motion 
  • 3D Surface View for Stream Motion
  • Netcam for Stream Essential and Motion